Friday, November 9, 2012

How to install and use the Lightscribe on your Produplicator

1.       Look for the drive model you have in the duplicator by going to:
-          Scroll down to  Setup” or “Utilities”, then press the ENT button
-          Scroll down to “Device Info”, then press ENT button
-          Scroll down once (1 Burner duplicator) and Scroll down twice (2 burner or more), then press the ENT button
-          Take note of the model number.
-          Then press ESC all the way to Setup

2.       Install the Lightscribe in your computer:
-          Insert the Lightscribe software that came with the duplicator
-          Agree on the License Agreement window
-          Enter the User, Company Name and Serial Key
-          Click on “Next
-          Select the model number you have. Make sure it’s the only model number selected.
-          Click on “Install
-          Then click on “Finish“ after the installation

3.       Run the Lightscribe Template Labeler Software by:
-          Windows XP (Double-click on the Lightscribe Software)
-          Windows Vista & 7 (Right-click on the Lightscribe Software, then select “Run as administrator

4.       Once the Lightscribe Software is running:
-          Select a template you want to use. If you want to use a different template you click on “Get more template” and download the template.
-          After selecting the template you want to use, go ahead and insert the picture and text you desired.
-          Once the design is done, go ahead and press the “Next” button
-          Make sure the Drive (At the top left)  is set to “Lightscribe Duplicator Label Writer
-          Click on “Print and Preview
-          Save the file. Make sure it is saved as an .LSI file.
-          Locate the file where you saved it, then “Right-click” on the file and select “Properties”. Make sure the size of the file is in MB (Megabytes).

5.       After check on the file size, Burn the file in a CD:
-          Right-click on the LSI file that you created, then select “Send to
-          Select the CD or DVD drive in your computer.
-          Insert a blank CD in your computer. It will open a new window asking you on what to do with the CD.
Note: Make sure to insert a blank CD-R
a.       Windows XP
(1)    A message at the bottom right hand of the screen saying “Files waiting to be written”, go ahead and click on the message
(2)    A new window will come up with the file that you want to burn, select the “Write these files to a cd” located at the left side of the screen.
(3)    Then continue following the wizard. Once done the tray should come out by itself.

b.      Windows Vista
(1)    You will see a box open that reads "Prepare this blank disk"
(2)    On the left corner click on "Show formatting options"
(3)    Select the Mastered option then click next.
(4)    On the top of the browser box, click on the redish circle.
(5)    Click next, etc. to burn.

c.       Windows 7
(1)    You will see a box open
(2)    Select the Cd/DVD Player option, (Compatible with the majority of players) then click next.
(3)    On the top of the browser box, click on the redish circle. (Burn to Disk)
(4)    Click next, etc. to burn.

6.       Once the .LSI file is burned into the CD, Place the CD at the very top drive (Source Drive) of the duplicator.
7.       Insert a Lightscribe Disc below the source drive. Place them upside down (Label down).
8.       Scroll to “Lightscribe” then press ENT. Press ENT again on Print
Or scroll to “Print” option then press ENT.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Service couldn't be duplicated

A well built machine delivered within 24 hours with great communication from the dispatch staff. First class effort.

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They have great responsibility when, excellent shipping time and great customer support service. A++ anytime
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Superb duplicating machine
Replaced my old 1- 3 burner with this 5 burner as this one is SATA and more reliable. As a professional videographer I do use it very often and can not fault it. I can burn 5 copies of a 90 minute wedding DVD in about 20 mins.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

What is a DVD Duplicator?

A DVD duplicator uses laser treatment to recover and place details and details onto visual dvds created of coloured metal materials protected in plastic. The technological innovation is generally the same as those used in CD and Blu-Ray replication gadgets, although variations are available in the wave length of the lighting forecasted onto the dvd itself. Also known as DVD burning or camera, the gadgets are most generally discovered connected to a laptop or pc or set up in a program known as a DVD replication structure.

Optical dvd pushes have been integrated as a standard part of a consumer-ready laptop or pc during the early part of the Modern day. They are used mostly in the examining and generation of press and details dvds. This can include video, audio or other entertaining press as well as general details related to software and programs discovered on a pc.

Older types of details copy have been banished to the back burning as the DVD duplicator discovered success throughout the industry.Floppy pushes and the mature attractive record pushes were changed in the overdue Nineties as CD and DVD technological innovation became more frequent. In addition to its realistic programs, the fact that much of the technology market use DVD technological innovation, make this program a recommended method of press replication.

A DVD duplicator is consists of basic laserlight technological innovation that features at a wave length of 650 nm. This means that the visual dvds react to the red array of lighting. A contact courses a laserlight created from a semiconductor onto the exterior of a dvd. As lighting is demonstrated from the bright exterior, a selection of photodiodes flows the details and answer with the corresponding activities. This process is performed during both the examining and replication times.

Two servomechanisms are accountable for the rest of the lamps features. One servo manages the distance between the dvd itself and the contact to maintain a correct lighting reaction, while the other servo causes the contact to flow along a control road over the distance of the dvd. As the laserlight has an effect on the dvd, details is protected on the echoing dye placed on the metal internal. Due to the changes in reflectivity, details can later be study by the photodiodes.

A variety of different versions of DVD duplicators are produced by a variety of companies. The most common example of this is 5.25 inches edition that is placed in the systems of pcs. These are known as inner pushes and go to a pc mother board via a ATA or SATA slot. Another type of DVD duplicator is available in the form of exterior components that attaches to a pc with USB or FireWire. Full DVD duplicator systems are also available and are widely used by DVD replication services. These feature a variety of individual pushes that can study one dvd and at the same time create several duplicates. 


Friday, March 2, 2012

What is a Hard Disk Drive Duplicator?

A hard drive duplicator is a stand-alone system used to replicated challenging hard drive generate pushes quickly, easily, and with complete reliability. It can exchange the details to a new hard drive generate or store it for archival requirements. A hard drive generate duplicator might also allow for renaming categories or remapping pushes to avoid damaged areas where details might be lost.


A hard drive duplicator can be a tower-like component capable of cloning several challenging hard drive generate pushes at once, or a mobile mobile system. Some designs require the challenging hard drive generate to be removed from the PC or laptop and loaded into the hard drive generate duplicator. At the same time, a 40-pin IDE cable, USB, PCMCIA, or similar user interface comes with many designs, providing more versatility by allowing the user to simply plug the duplicator into your laptop or computer. 


Operating system-independent, the hard drive generate duplicator works equally well cloning any environment, including Unix, Unix like, Windows and Apple. It can copy RAID arrays or conventional single or multi-drive techniques and recreate the content consistently, whether the source hard drive is FAT (File Allowance Table) 16/32 or NTFS (New Technological innovation Data file System) partitioned. 

With the 40-pin IDE user interface, exchange connections on some designs can reach three gb per minute or more. This creates the hard drive duplicator an ideal tool for laptop or computer technicians. In the shop or on site, the hard drive generate duplicator allows a tech to substitute out failing or troublesome challenging hard drive generate pushes and replace them with fresh, reconstituted pushes. Traders, program contractors, recovery divisions, and MIS/IT (Management Information Systems/Information Technology) divisions also benefit from hard drive generate duplicators.

Law enforcement creates use of hard drive generate duplicators for forensic requirements. Models sold specifically for this audience include chain of evidence functions and the ability to check out for words, numbers, or other details on the fly.

A hard drive duplicator can be used for a multitude of applications and is reliable, fast, and convenient. Prices vary between designs according to functions, capacity, speed, and other considerations, but start at about US$500 and increase all the way to thousands of dollars. As with other laptop or computer products, hard drive generate duplicators are likely to come down in price as the cost of technology reduces. 


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

M-Disc Support Duplicators with FREE M-Disc Media and FREE USB Connection

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Come and shop today at the only seller of M-Disc Support Duplicators in Europe. Your data is very important and needs a reliable solution for storage. Forever Data Storage is something that can become real with our M-Disc Support Duplicators.

Keep your data over 1000 years with M-Disc!

-The Duplicator4All M-Disc Ready duplicators can carve grooves onto the rock-like surface of M-Disc
for date security and longevity that has never existed before. Standard DVD can suffer a decrease in quality overtime, where M-Disc promises superior quality for years to come.

-Standard USB Connection Offered on all our Duplicator Towers * When connected to a computer using this external connection, the built-in hard drive on the duplicator interacts directly with your computer (This option also requires purchase of built-in HDD and is NOT MAC compatible)

-Standalone tower type duplicator, NO software or computer required

-User-friendly LCD display interface

-Automatic copy verify, compare, and prescan functions

-Automatic CD and DVD format detection

-Collect and edit track(s) from different discs to compile a mix CD

-Upgradeable firmware via upgrade CD for future drive technology and update

-Built for continuous burning, NO cool down time required

-Burns multiple discs simultaneously at once

-Easily organized and help airflow inside the case

-SATA High Speed Controller uses lower power requirement compared to PATA

-Faster transfer rate compared to IDE

-High Performance Power Supply

-Built to endure long-time operation

A groundbreaking optical disc technology that will last for more than a thousand years, M-DISC duplicators and media provide an innovative way to write data once and read forever. Unlike ordinary discs that use organic dyes to keep data, M-DISC utilizes stable and heat-resistant chemical materials where information cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural deterioration. Regular CD and DVD lasers cannot successfully etch information to the patented inorganic and synthetic materials used with M-DISC.

Optional Performance
The M-DISC duplicator is designed to copy onto M-DISC blank media along with standard CD and DVD blank media. Additionally, the top-quality M-DISC system eliminates common problems caused by previous drive/disc interactions. Performance is enhanced when the M-DISC duplicator etches data onto M-DISC media extremely sharp and clear to enable current CD and DVD players to read the finished discs without a problem.

Laser-Etching Data
Etching the rock-hard data layer encased in the M-DISC requires more power than what's found in a typical optical disc drive. The combination of an optimized laser and optical system with unique, control algorithms in the M-DISC duplicator allows rigorous performance-driven digital data etching into "stone".

While the M-DISC duplicator probably won't last as long as the well-preserved data on the M-DISC media, the durable build of the M-DISC duplicator should still outlast most other optical disc drives and duplicators. With an Anti-Dust design, the chassis insulation aids in the protection of the drive's internal components from dust and small particles that can hinder the drive's operability and lifespan.

Preserving data for the ages should not be a difficult task, and the M-DISC duplicator reflects that philosophy. An easy-to-use LCD display controller interface and standalone operation means no computer or software is required to operate by any type of level user.

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