Friday, November 9, 2012

How to install and use the Lightscribe on your Produplicator

1.       Look for the drive model you have in the duplicator by going to:
-          Scroll down to  Setup” or “Utilities”, then press the ENT button
-          Scroll down to “Device Info”, then press ENT button
-          Scroll down once (1 Burner duplicator) and Scroll down twice (2 burner or more), then press the ENT button
-          Take note of the model number.
-          Then press ESC all the way to Setup

2.       Install the Lightscribe in your computer:
-          Insert the Lightscribe software that came with the duplicator
-          Agree on the License Agreement window
-          Enter the User, Company Name and Serial Key
-          Click on “Next
-          Select the model number you have. Make sure it’s the only model number selected.
-          Click on “Install
-          Then click on “Finish“ after the installation

3.       Run the Lightscribe Template Labeler Software by:
-          Windows XP (Double-click on the Lightscribe Software)
-          Windows Vista & 7 (Right-click on the Lightscribe Software, then select “Run as administrator

4.       Once the Lightscribe Software is running:
-          Select a template you want to use. If you want to use a different template you click on “Get more template” and download the template.
-          After selecting the template you want to use, go ahead and insert the picture and text you desired.
-          Once the design is done, go ahead and press the “Next” button
-          Make sure the Drive (At the top left)  is set to “Lightscribe Duplicator Label Writer
-          Click on “Print and Preview
-          Save the file. Make sure it is saved as an .LSI file.
-          Locate the file where you saved it, then “Right-click” on the file and select “Properties”. Make sure the size of the file is in MB (Megabytes).

5.       After check on the file size, Burn the file in a CD:
-          Right-click on the LSI file that you created, then select “Send to
-          Select the CD or DVD drive in your computer.
-          Insert a blank CD in your computer. It will open a new window asking you on what to do with the CD.
Note: Make sure to insert a blank CD-R
a.       Windows XP
(1)    A message at the bottom right hand of the screen saying “Files waiting to be written”, go ahead and click on the message
(2)    A new window will come up with the file that you want to burn, select the “Write these files to a cd” located at the left side of the screen.
(3)    Then continue following the wizard. Once done the tray should come out by itself.

b.      Windows Vista
(1)    You will see a box open that reads "Prepare this blank disk"
(2)    On the left corner click on "Show formatting options"
(3)    Select the Mastered option then click next.
(4)    On the top of the browser box, click on the redish circle.
(5)    Click next, etc. to burn.

c.       Windows 7
(1)    You will see a box open
(2)    Select the Cd/DVD Player option, (Compatible with the majority of players) then click next.
(3)    On the top of the browser box, click on the redish circle. (Burn to Disk)
(4)    Click next, etc. to burn.

6.       Once the .LSI file is burned into the CD, Place the CD at the very top drive (Source Drive) of the duplicator.
7.       Insert a Lightscribe Disc below the source drive. Place them upside down (Label down).
8.       Scroll to “Lightscribe” then press ENT. Press ENT again on Print
Or scroll to “Print” option then press ENT.


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